What Has Eyes, Inteligent People Do Not Eat!


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Every year 45 billion animals are killed worldwide for human consumption. For example, in Germany it is 332,100,000 roasting chickens, 40,200,000 pigs, 24,000,000 soup chickens, 20,300,000 turkeys, 14,200,000 ducks, 4,100,000 cows,1,000,000 geese, 900,000 sheep or goats and 7,500 horses. And in the US the numbers are even greater: In 2002, for example, a total of 10,108 million animals were killed and raised for food. These included for instance, 41 million cattle and calves, 116 million pigs, 4.2 million sheep, 304 million turkeys, 25,6 million ducks, as well as 2,133 million broilers and 484 million laying hens.  PP 20, with 20 images.  Please select a quantity pack.  Includes FREE Shipping!